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“Growth is mandatory. Either you grow, or you die.” – Jim Rohn

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09-10 May 2022

Change Management for Leaders and Managers
Live Webinar

11 May 2022 Wed

Performance Management for Success
Live Webinar

12 May 2022 Thur

Developing & Applying Your Emotional Intelligence Skills Holistically
Live Webinar

13 May 2022 Fri

Business Etiquette for Professional Services
Live Webinar

01 Jun 2022 Wed

How to Use the ADDIE Model for Training Needs Analysis
Live Webinar

19 May 2022 Thur

Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers
Live Webinar

23-24 May 2022

Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness
Live Webinar

25 May 2022 Wed

Event Management Masterclass
Live Webinar

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      We empower you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your career. You'll be equipped with the know-how to tackle any challenge, and we'll help you develop those soft skills that will ensure your success.


      Practical, efficient and cost-effective

      AOLC is committed to helping you make the best use of your time and money. You will learn practical skills that you can apply in the workplace right away.


      Train for a career change

      AOLC’s workshops are designed to equip participants with skills and knowledge that could prepare them for a career change or just as an investment in your personal development.

      Live webinars and face-to-face workshops

      Build up your skillset

      Participate in one of our workshops today, and you’ll be on your way to building up key skills like soft skills, leadership, operation, HR, finance and accounting – making you even more valuable for your employer.


      Workshop Categories

      Training for all industry sectors

      We offer training in a wide range of key business skills - from soft skills through to financial and accounting skills. You'll be working with our top trainers, who bring years of industry experience to the table.


      Understanding and implementing effective financing and investing strategies enhance the value of the firms and meeting the objective of maximizing shareholders’ wealth.


      Effective operation management will improve time management, efficient and effective deployment of organisation’s resources.


      Effective communication skills are essential for all staff to convey the information effectively to improve the quality of decision made and enhance the corporate image and brand.


      Interpreting and analyzing the accounting information make understanding the financial health of an organization better in the areas of portability, liquidity, solvency, and asset management.Accounting is a fundamental component of any business.

      Human Capital Management

      Although not recognized as assets in the financial statements, Human Resources are the most important capital in the organisation. Staff find and create solutions for the business using their skills, expertise, and knowledge they have acquired to improve the efficiency of an organisation.

      Whether you are an individual, a company, or a talent seeker, we have the course to meet your needs.

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        AOLC's workshops are designed and delivered by specialists in their fields with a wealth of practical experience. Whether you're looking to improve your soft skills, lead your team more effectively or brush up on your finance skills, our trainers will get you there.

        Management Consultant - Communication & Soft Skills Trainer

        Management Consultant - Business Law & Risk Management Trainer

        Management Consultant - Communication & Personal Effectiveness trainer

        Management Consultant - Finance & Accounting Trainer

        Senior Management Consultant/Executive Coach - HR & Leadership Trainer

        Management Consultant - Communication & Personal Effectiveness Trainer

        Senior Management Consultant/ executive coach - HR and Soft Skills Trainer

        Management Consultant - Customer Service & soft skills trainer

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