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WHY MUST PRODUCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS?  Some sources say the purpose of the financial statements is to provide information about the results of operations, financial position, and cash flows of an organization, so that this information is used by the readers of financial statements to make decisions regarding the allocation of resources. Other sources say financial statements are important to investors because...

Why Do Costing? The answer is very simple. It is about budgeting. To explain what is costing and budgeting, we shall start with a very example. Let us say you have learnt how to make wooden chair, and you want to set up a wooden chair making business. After doing some market survey, you believe that you could sell the chair at $200 per...

Introduction When this article was written in December 2021, the world is still struggling with the COVID 19 pandemic. Since the early 2020, businesses, households and governments are finding ways to ensure that all things could move on, but all are facing uphill tasks. In business, all are concerned not on profit, but how to survive. Profit cannot ensure survival. We see...

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