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In-house Training

Business is changing

At Analyz Open Learning Centre, we help businesses of all sizes to continue to thrive in this new economic climate. We do this by providing expert trainers, tailored programmes and our unique analytical approach.

Training on demand

Facing a skills shortage? We can help. With our bespoke training programmes, we will provide you with the skills your people need and want – for the long term, at a sustainable price.

Leadership development

We provide bespoke leadership training programmes that will equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to develop their people and build a high-performing workforce – maximising productivity and delivering long-term value.

Standard Workshops – Training that meets your needs

Standard Workshops lets you pick from a list of publicly-run workshops; we’ll deliver it to your premises or venue of choice. The content and format of the workshop will be based on our current public workshop.

These workshops categories include:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Capital Management
  • Communications
  • Operation

Customised Workshops

We offer tailor-made training programmes for organisations which include: leadership development programmes, finance & accounting training programme, HR training programmes and soft skills training programmes. Our programmes are designed by experts in the field, tailored to the needs of your organisation and are delivered by the world’s best trainers.

Bring your people to life

Analysing their needs and understanding the developmental stages through which they will pass on their way to becoming experts in their field ensures that we tailor our programmes to their needs. In this way we empower them with skills they need in order to succeed at work.

Reach out today!

Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you develop your workforce through tailored training programmes.

Most Popular Programmes


Customer Service

Leadership Skills

Managerial Skills

Personal Effectiveness

Risk Management


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