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Developing & Applying Your Emotional Intelligence Skills Holistically

Developing & Applying Your Emotional Intelligence Skills Holistically

SGD 288
Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

1 Day (9am to 5pm SG Time Zone)




12 May 2022






Workshop Leader: Francis, BBA, CIM, DT&D, DPS, Prof. Cert.| Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training| Cert IV in Telecommunications Call Centre| Cert in Management Consultancy| Certified Behavioral Specialist| Certified EQ Facilitator| Certified NLP Practitioner| Certified Life Coach| Certified Service Professional Trainer| ACTA Certified| DACE Certified


According to a survey conducted worldwide, typically we experience many different specific emotions at varying levels of intensity on any given day. Yet there is a lack of emotional awareness among two-thirds of the world’s population, who are unable to identify, comprehend or manage their own emotions.


We need to recognize that our emotions are governing our body. Research has also indicated that no matter what position one holds in an organization, those who demonstrated higher EQ score tends to consistently outperform their peers.


This also applies how we interact and get along with people in our personal life or even in our family too.

The good news is unlike IQ, EQ is trainable and is a flexible skill that can be improved through learning and practice. It will require regular and consistent cultivation and maintenance. Once you learnt it, it becomes your life time tool for application throughout your life.


Consider this, if you have acquired the knowledge and skills about Emotions and Emotional Intelligence won’t you see yourself as a better person. Would you agree understanding the facts about Emotions and Emotional Intelligence is a necessary lifetime skill that a person must learn?


If yes, then this 1-day workshop is exactly tailored for you. With these essential knowledge and skills on facts about Emotions and Emotional Intelligence, you will be able to manage your emotions rather than letting your emotions manage you in your professional and personal life too.

Core focus

  • Emotions
    • Emotions
    • What are emotions
    • Emotions guide behaviour
    • Most Common Negative Emotions at Work
    • Effects of emotions
    1. Triggers
    • Triggers
    • Trigger –Perception – Response
    • Sources of your perceptions
    • Responses
    • Most common triggers at workplace
    • Personal Triggers
    • Strategies for managing your emotions
    1. Consequential and Reframing Thinking
    • Five Consequences of not taming negative emotions
    • Applying Consequential thinking concept
    • Apply Reframe thinking concept 
    1. Productive Confrontations
    • Three key pointers to note
    • Questions to ask yourself
    • Using the “I” statement 
    1. Emotional Outburst
    • Handling anger and emotions in the moments
    • Handling someone else’s outburst
    • Drain the emotion
    • Restoring harmony if you are involved 
    1. Strategies to channel emotions productively
    • Destructive versus Constructive communication/behaviour
    • Learned Optimism
    • Five Types of negative self-talk
    • Managing Negative Self Talk 
    1. Regain Rationality
    • Five Ways to regain rationality, when your emotions are put to test

    Key Benefits

    • Recognize the message emotions send to you
    • List the most common negative emotions at work
    • Understand the trigger-perception –response cycle
    • Identify common workplace and personal negative triggers of emotions
    • Realize the consequence of not taming negative emotions within you
    • Apply consequential thinking to prevent auto reactions
    • Reframe your thinking to avoid emotional outburst
    • Replace emotional outburst with productive confrontation
    • Apply strategies to channel emotions productively
    • Regain rationality when your emotions are put to test

    Who Should Attend

    For any level of staff or anyone who will find it beneficial to manage one’s emotional aspects of life be it in a professional or personal contacts of life

    Dates and Fees

    12 May 2022To be Confirmed1 Day (9am to 5pm SG Time Zone)SGD 288Apply Now

    17 Aug 2022

    To be Confirmed1 Day (9am to 5pm SG Time Zone)SGD 288Apply Now
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