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Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness

Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness

SGD 488

2 days (9am to 5pm - SG Time Zone)




23 May 2022






Workshop Leader: Wekie Tay, BA, DTM, Prof. Cert.| Criminology and Behavioral Psychology, Cert| Counseling Psychology| NLP Trainer (USA), NLP Master Practitioner| Design Human Engineering Practitioner (USA)| Mind Mastery Practitioner (Australia)| Certified Mental Toughness Coach (USA)| Certified Mental Toughness Facilitator| Certified Stress Management Consultant


Are you having trouble closing deals?

Is your business slow in making deals?

Do you want to improve your sales effectiveness?


Deal making is a crucial skill for success in business. If you know how to handle customers, how to make them communicate to your advantage and how to close a deal in your favour, you will win more deals for your business. Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness gives you the insight you need to learn the process of deals winning and making – from the fundamentals of deal-making and closing, to moving through the stages of response, presentation, negotiation & closure, and beyond.


Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness is a training program which will help you generate more sales, get a better understanding of what it takes to win in sales. You’ll find out how to build better relationships with your customers and make them speak your language. This workshop will share with you how to create powerful set-ups that will make it easy to win more deals.


This workshop will employ powerful and dynamic presentations techniques that will increase knowledge, enhance learning, heighten motivation and awareness. It includes role play sessions and other experiential activities to make learning more effective and real. The workshop leader includes interactive tools to “probe the comfort zone”, group discussions and feedback to maximise the participants’ learning abilities.


Join us in this 2-day Learn & ApplyTM workshop on Winning Deals and Improving Your Sales Effectiveness to learn how to close deals confidently and develop winning sales strategies.

Core focus

  • Fundamental process of deals winning and deals making
  • Closing deals and building your success
  • Customer-oriented and customer conscious in creating and opening deals
  • Confident deal making, winning and closing
  • Make your customers communicate to your advantage
  • Rapport building with your customers
  • Add value to impress your customers
  • Deals closing techniques for mutual understanding and winning benefits
  • Create powerful set-ups to win deals much more easily
  • Building and strengthening relationships with your customers
  • Proven objections handling techniques and strategies to get you even more deals
  • Apply persuasive and command language patterns
  • Move from listening to winning and closing deals
  • Ways of Closing Different Types of Deals
  • Winning secrets of successful deal closers

Key Benefits

  • Understand the fundamental process of deals winning and deals making
  • Analyse the thinking and communication patterns of others
  • Possess greater personal appeal in their communication with others
  • Speak convincingly to partners, associates and customers
  • Create instant rapport with others for mutual benefits in winning deals
  • Be dynamic and effectively respond in the face of pressure
  • Assert greater control over the dealing process
  • Close deals much faster and with greater purpose
  • Be able to better handle the resistance in sales
  • Use the various deals closing strategies effectively to win
  • Relate personally and build trust in others
  • Handle objections effectively with respect and integrity
  • Utilise the various Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques in deals

Who Should Attend

Directors, managers and executives with marketing and sales function; staffs and any individuals who want to close more deals in their profession.

Dates and Fees

23 May 2022To be Confirmed2 days (9am to 5pm - SG Time Zone)SGD 488Apply Now
To be Confirmed2 days (9am to 5pm - SG Time Zone)SGD 488Apply Now
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  • Applications received after the deadline will be considered based on space availability

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