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Management Consultant - Communication & Personal Effectiveness trainer

Praga is a Certified Agile-Scrum Master & Product Owner by SCRUM Alliance trained directly by Stuart Mitchell; one of the top leading Agile coach known globally. Adding to his credentials; his dynamic and refreshing approach is supported by his vast experiences in the corporate paradigm where he had successfully held the helms for senior positions such as Business Development Manager (APAC), Senior Training Consultant, Assistant Director in various organizations.

Praga has an unending passion for people development, effective communication and leadership. His forte comes from his diverse knowledge & experience in Information Technology, Business and Psychology. He has delivered numerous topics in (not limited to) Resilience, Behavior Profiling, Body Language, NLP, Time Line, Change Management, EQ, Communication, Sales, Leadership, Mindset & Attitude, Strategy Planning, Problem Solving, Empowerment, 7 Habits, Multiple Intelligence, Thinking Hats, Customer Experience, Cross Culture, Team Building, Critical & Creative Thinking, Enneagram.

Praga specializes in communication and leadership topics, design training content and deliver experiential learning programs to empower individuals as well as organizations. His engagements are unique with his lively sense of humor and filled with practical solutions beyond theory-book.



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